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Thematic cluster: Environmental impact Assessment (EIA)


  1. Approaches to screening and scoping
  2. EIA & Green Deal
  3. Public Participation
  4. Relationship between EIA and development consent and decision-making
  5. Consideration of Environmental and Health Risks
  6. Climate change
  7. Cumulative impacts
  8. Transboundary consultations
  9. Environmental mitigation and enhancement measures
  10. EIA quality control
  11. Environmental monitoring
  12. Judicial practice
  13. EIA Procedure efficiency

Possible thematic challenges

  • How to optimally fit EIA into the Green Deal framework, especially in terms of"screening "and"scoping"”?
  • How can we effectively consider in EIA the(„Do Not Significant Harm“)and the new EU taxonomy for sustainable activities defined by the Regulation (EU) 2020/852?
  • How to improve relationships between EIA, decision-making and development consent?
  • What is the connection between EIA and Appropriate Assessment, ensuring good water status, social and heritage impact assessment, etc.?
  • How EIA reflects on environmental and integrated permit?
  • What are the links between EIA and climate proofing?
  • How to improve public participation, procedure efficency and quality control in EIA? How to reliably assess cumulative impacts in terms of Environmental and Health Risk Assessment?
  • How to make transboundary consultations more efficient?
  • What are the cutting edge solutions of environmental protection measures and monitoring?
  • What can we learn for the future from judicial practice?